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"We provide you with our experience, research and recommendation but then recognize that your decision is the bottom line."

Power Contracting provides the following on every construction project:


Our key personnel has managed consistently successful projects totaling over $500 Million. This includes projects using the competitive bid process and the construction management at-risk delivery process. For every project, we assemble the right team, based on each client’s specific needs. Numbering in the thousands, our pool of suppliers and subcontractors, ranging from small to large and bondable, enable us to obtain the best possible value for every project dollar. And each of our projects is overseen by a company principal who ensures our approach is successfully carried out.


Power Contracting starts contributing early in the preconstruction process by providing research, pricing and feedback to help clients capitalize on cost-saving and time-saving alternatives and facilitate operating efficiency and future expansions. Through an established quality control program, we confirm that the approved products are installed and installed properly.

Our “Inspect, Don’t Expect” policy ensures that both what you see and what you don’t see meet your expectations. This effort increases your building’s longevity and leads to less maintenance and less warranty concerns which, in turn, provides a greater return on your investment.


Innovation is a way to see different and effective ways of solving problems. Power Contracting is accustomed to adapting to changes while keeping our eye on the main goal: Client Satisfaction. Therefore, innovation at Power Contracting is two-fold:

  1. Problem Solving – Whether today’s challenge is weather, subcontractors, municipality, hidden conditions or the many other surprises, the true test of your contractor is how they solve it and how fast. Power Contracting excels at problem solving through experience, education and subcontractor and vendor network resources. We don’t get stopped.
  2. Products, Means & Methods – We keep abreast, educated and open minded to new ideas that reduce costs, minimize schedules, increase the building's lifecycle or reduce environmental impact. There often is a better mouse-trap.     


A successful project requires that the Owner, Architect and Contractor perform individually and also as a team through a common goal. With Power Contracting, you always have the assurance that we will build your ideas. We do this by listening to your needs and giving you what you want, the first time. We provide you with our experience, research and recommendation but then recognize that your decision is the bottom line.

A true construction partner of the client and architect does not profit from problems. Power Contracting does not profit from change orders resulting from problems. We attempt to avoid change orders both during the preconstruction process through our Change Order Prevention System (COPS) and during construction. We realize that if an issue occurs during construction, it probably was an oversight in preconstruction. Any issue normally entails direct costs from the subcontractors, whereby the Construction Manager usually adds 10 to 15 percent to the subtotal. However, at Power Contracting, we add 0% to the subtotal, so we never benefit from the problem.


Good communication is paramount to keeping our clients informed and key to building a stronger relationship. That’s why we provide consistent communication throughout a project. There are no surprises on a Power Contracting project. We even set up a Live Webcam on the jobsite so that you can watch the construction of your project via the Internet.  

Answers to any client question are just a phone call or email away, but in addition, on a monthly basis we create a bound report that includes:

Click on one of the following links for samples of schedules to see how we are able to meet milestones in a reduced amount of time:

Power Contracting’s successful track record is proven best by our client testimonials. We promise to deliver the same high-quality performance on your project.